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Why Digital? Digital is a woman empowered business, we are small but on the road to grow into a dynasty. We specialize in Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing but there is more than meets the eye, our dynamic client base and knowledge for other materials used within the business makes us especially unique. Not only do we have a vast knowledge for Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing, we also a passion for photography, graphic design, website building, animation and art, take a step into our world of creativity and you will turn you from a lead to a conversion.

My Skill
Graphic Designer 95%
Web Designer 85%
Digital Marketing 90%
Social Media Marketing 84%


Digital Maketing

Starting from the bottom of the funnel and working your way up with Google can be challenging, We are able to Optimize, Analize and boost your website and social appearance with our vast knowledge of how Google works

Social Media Marketing

Either your business has just started up or you have existing Social Media platforms that may be lacking in good content or folowing you may need or want, we are able to handle, create and optimize your social media to the bestof our abilitis

Web Design

We are able to take your website from the bottom to the top using our knowledge of HTML5 and CSS coding language, however, if you are on a tight budget and might be in a rush, we are able to build you a site from a pre-designed template.

Graphic Design

From Logo design to magazine spreads, Digital can do it all

The Face Behind Digital Digital was founded and created by Cassy Lee Gilson and has gone into running her business on her own since opening day.


Cassy Lee Gilson

Founder & CEO Of Digital

Digital Marketing Manager, Social Media Marketer, Web Designer, Graphic Designer and Mobile App Developer in training

Our Clients

What our clients say about us

Awesome content , they really listen to the brief given and give advice where necessary. Thank you SD for all the work you have put in to put ELW on the map!
I recommend digital because of their consistency.. humility and accuracy...I had a job with them and it was done in a blink of the eye ...delivered on time ... Guys thank you so so much ..I promise to refere clients to you in future..and your prices are simply the best

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South Africa